Huichol Pattern Generator / Software

The Huichol Pattern Generator is software for the generation of colorfull patterns that animate over a grid. It is based on the kind of structure present in the art of the Huichol, a Mexican MesoAmerican culture.

Their art usually depicts animals and symbols from their mythology, constructed with very colorfull geometric patterns, highly saturated palettes, and composed with beads arranged over an hexagonal grid that completely covers the statue or artwork.

The software is originally coded to generate patterns that will be later composed for a projection of a fullDome experience at the Buenos Aires Planetarium, as part of the Understanding Visual Music International Conference 2016.

We are putting together a piece of animated motion graphics that takes the audience inside a Mexican Temazcal to start a visually intense journey towards the constellation of The Pleiades.

The software is in beta v9.2, with some minor bugs but ready for production use. Code repository (“dev” branch)

With the Huichol Pattern Generator, you can:

– Draw figures spawn points, move them around in the grid, change their shooting vectors or remove them from the canvas. All of this can also be done while on playback and rendering..!!
– Play, pause and rewind pattern animations.
– Set how many times a figure will loop.
– Draw only lines or interpolate across the points.

– Move and scale the canvas to work more comfortably (It is now supporting a canvas size of 4096 x 4096 pixels, with lots of points..!!).
– Hide/Show viewport gizmos such as the grid or the figure’s spawn points.
– Load an image on the background, scale it, change it’s opacity & lock it to the viewport scale. An image can serve as reference to construct certain kind of figure, and also to pick specific colors from it.

– Create new color palettes by picking from the viewport or from a color spectrum.
– Assign palettes to figures, delete them or modify them.
– Color Palettes are saved, so the next time you the application is opened, they are all there happily waiting to by assigned..!!

– Rendering: Choose a name and render the animation as a PNG sequence.
– Specify a Region of Interest, you don’t need to render out the entire canvas..!!

Coded in Processing

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